The ASIST suite of Automated System Operations products has its roots in a small company in Houston, Texas, who started development of an integrated system operations utility for AS/400 in 1988. The design focus was to provide an integrated suite of system operations tools that allow novices on the AS/400 to operate the system and perform the regular house keeping duties, yet at the same time provide powerful functions to make the product equally attractive to companies with highly experienced staff.

The product founder/architect succeeded brilliantly in that mission, and users ranging from "mom-and-pop shops" to fortune 1000 companies implemented the product with equal success. This product was initially branded AS/Center, later renamed ASIST/System Automator, and has been serving it's users faithfully since 1989.

The larger users soon asked for the ability to distribute system automation policies to all systems in the network, and an add-on product was developed for this purpose. It was first released 1990 as AS/Hub (later renamed ASIST/Network Harmonizer) in a network of about 1,800 AS/400's .

The development of AS/Message (later renamed ASIST/Message Director) followed in 1991. It provides powerfull automated message management and enables centralized help desks for large distributed networks of IBM i servers.

These three products were soon firmly established in the AS/400 market place and today is implemented in networks across the globe consisting anywhere from 1 to about 8,000 IBM i servers.