Message Director

ASIST/Message Director is a flexible IBM i message monitoring and management utility. Its’ easy to create Filters and Action Routines allow both simple and complex IBM i event scenarios to be monitored and managed.

ASIST/Message Director monitors message queues and allows the vast number of IBM i messages to be routinely dealt with through user-determined, automated, procedures.

The message filters specify which messages should be acted upon, action routines specify how a specific message should be handled. Integration with help desk, paging and other remote communication devices provide you with a safety net for those exceptions where operator intervention is really needed.  

ASIST/Message Director allows preemptive help desk support for your remote installations. By forwarding key messages to the central help desk automatically problems can often be taken care of  before the remote staff have even noticed them.

Your operations resources can now concentrate on those business critical activities and those exceptional events where their expensive shills are best utilized, and the need for remote staff to contact your central help desk is greatly reduced.

Key Features are:

  • Continuous monitoring of multiple message queues
  • Comprehensive filtering criteria
  • Automatic reply to inquiry messages
  • Automatic handling of messages
  • Conditional message handling
  • Group message handling
  • Automatic forwarding of messages
  • Message escalation
  • Message history review
  • Integration with communication devices
  • User exit support
  • Message substitution
  • Reply filters, reply translation and actions based on a reply
  • Alternate action if a message cannot be delivered or is not responded to