Network Harmonizer

ASIST/Network Harmonizer is a network integration utility which brings all of your individual IBM i’s in to a single operations management environment.

Through the use of its easy to use modeling and automated distribution features, ASIST/Harmonizer is able to provide you with the ability to manage your individual IBM i’s as if they were a single fully integrated system.

The creation of “hub” and “rim” relationships allow multiple IBM i’s to be monitored, managed and reported on. As the ASIST product line is a single integrated family of products then ASIST/Harmonizer is able to use the features of its component elements across your IBM i network bringing with it the benefits of load balancing, cross network dependencies and centralized visibility of your entire IBM i network.

Containing a communications layer that is able to handle both SNA and TCP/IP, ASIST/Harmonizer provides a secure and fully auditable data transmission environment.  

Key Features:

  • Provides a complete and transparent view of all IBM i’s
  • Structured and secure communications
  • Avoids time consuming pass-through sessions
  • Facilitates centralized management processes
  • Easy to create system management models
  • Automatic distribution of system management models
  • Full system auditability and reporting
  • Maximizes full potential of all IBM i’s within the network