System Automator

ASIST/System Automator is a fully integrated product that provides very comprehensive systems automation and systems management functions for the IBM i. ASIST/System Automator adopted the same approach that made OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i one of the most stable and complete operating systems today. Instead of having to purchase several different products, often from different vendors, ASIST/System Automator provides one integrated product that addresses all the critical operational areas to enable a partial or complete lights-out and operator-less environment. Job scheduling, tape management, backups and housekeeping are but a few of the functions provided by ASIST/System Automator.

System Automator Specifications

What makes the product different from the rest of its kind?

ASIST/System Automator offers a very unique integration component, called the Procedure Manager. It closely knits all the integrated automation processes together to enable a controlled and manageable operational environment. With Procedure Manager you can quickly and easily define the various steps and dependencies of a production job. CL programs and complicated error checking and branching are a thing of the past, and so is the tedious maintenance of these CL’s! Instead, the powerful interface of Procedure Manager lets you build, maintain and document the most complicated job stream in a fraction of the time. To make your job even easier, ASIST/System Automator wraps the complexities of OS/400, i5/OS and IBM i API’s, commands and error handling into a library of extremely easy to use macros, to perform tasks such as backups, housekeeping, job dependency checking, and many more.

Are you an experienced or highly technical IBM i user?

AS-Center Technologies has a dedicated team of highly experienced personnel in IBM i system operations. Their combined experience has been used to relieve you of the everyday chores of maintaining your own in house systems maintenance, and to use your talents where it makes a difference to the bottom line of your company. ASIST/System Automator brings powerful , reliable and low maintenance systems management and automation solutions to your organization.

Are you a novice IBM i user with no Systems Management experience?

ASIST/System Automator with an integrated Procedure Manager, Job Scheduler and Tape Manager was designed to take the mystery out of IBM i systems management. The powerful building blocks (macros) provided in the integrated Procedure Manager brings complex system management functions to your fingertips and does not require any programming skills or specialist operations knowledge. It is exceptionally easy to use and comes with dozens of turnkey operational procedures and job schedules to introduce you to the many facets of IBM i systems management. Our experienced Technical Support Help Desk will assist you in getting the most out of your ASIST products.

Do you have more than one IBM i in your corporate network?

For the past decade the ASIST Systems Automation and Management products from AS-Center Technologies have been helping many corporations like yours to keep costs down and satisfaction high in managing a few or even thousands of IBM i’s in a network. Read more about ASIST/Network Harmonizer for SNA or TCP/IP networks.

ASIST/System Automator is a robust, stable and reliable utility that introduces a high level of standardization and automation of your operational activities in the organization. Click here for detailed information on ASIST/System Automator.