Procedure Manager

The Procedure Manager is an integrated, front-end utility that integrates and binds all the logical functions of the entire automation process. Its strength lies in the task setup functions and the execution of them. It is easy to use and set up, providing you with the ability to get up and running quickly. Its grid-like architecture is capable of monitoring and processing tasks outside of ASIST/System Automator, or those internal to it. Not only it is easy to use, but it also speeds up IBM i operations.  It provides you with:

  • a robust setup functionality that prompts and validates the choices you make as you progress
  • effective job audit trail reporting
  • simple operational setup functions
  • superior job tracking analysis capability that searches the entire system for selected jobs
  • logical job and event planning that is built into the system
  • setup and procedural reports to assist you in making future decisions about event and job scheduling
  • a simple yet flexible editing and setup methodology
  • on-line and real time validation during the setup process