Services for ASIST

ASIST provides a full and comprehensive range of training, technical and consulting services to support new and existing users of ASIST. These services start with Training, Requirements Analysis and Software Implementation. Once ASIST is implemented refresher training courses are available. Experienced IBM i and iSeries users should be able to implement ASIST with little or no help from Technical Support. However, if you are new to IBM i, highly experienced ASIST consultants are available to start you of on the right track and ensure a successful and speedy implementation.  

The nature and level of services provided depends on:
  • size of the IBM i network
  • number of ASIST products being implemented
  • customer experience with implementing major systems
  • customer experience with advanced Systems Management and Automation Systems
  • customer knowledge and experience with IBM i

Implementing a simple ASIST solution on a single IBM i can be accomplished in a matter of hours. Customers with complex requirements and large networks will probably run a pilot project for a number of weeks before rolling ASIST out to the entire network.

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